Who’s a good boy? That’s what the PetBot has been designed to find out – with the IndieGoGo project offering pet owners the chance to keep an eye on their dogs and cats, as well as deliver treats.

Dubbed as the first product utilising ‘petificial intelligence’, the PetBot is designed to make being away from a user’s pet as easy as possible.

Leaving pets at home all day while you’re at work is not the easiest thing to do, but with the PetBot dogs or cats will be able to send selfies directly to their owner’s phone.

Owners will also be able to transmit their voice and deliver treats from anywhere in the world; a great use-case for the Internet of Things.

Designed to constantly be smiling, the PetBot features a single camera allowing for live streaming of the user’s home.

The PetBot is similar to IP cameras from the likes of Nest or D-Link, but with an added treat dispenser to help train the user’s pet.

There are also a variety of features for ensuring that the user’s home is secure, including bark detection.

While PetBot is still an IndieGoGo project, the company has begun preparing delivery of some units.

Priced at $800 (£530), the company is offering distributors the chance to bulk buy the product directly from IndieGoGo.

The product is not expected to be available to distributors until early 2016 however.

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