Samsung’s first attempt at a home automation system is finally set to launch to the public, with the company announcing that the SmartThings system will be available to purchase in early September.

SmartThings was acquired by Samsung this time last year, although the company has taken its time creating products that are distinctly Samsung.

In April the company revealed that it would delay the new SmartThings Hub and sensors, as it worked on improving the performance and stability.

The modular SmartThings system is designed to be as simple as possible.

Through an array of plug and play sensors, Samsung is hoping to dominate the self-install smart home market before its competitors get the chance to jump in.

Both Google and Apple are taking a different approach to smart homes, ditching ambitions to build its own products and instead opting to create a common language between smart devices.

In early September, Samsung will ship the SmartThings Hub along with a new line of sensors and an enhanced mobile App experience.

Customers who already own SmartThings products have been informed that there would be no requirement to order the new hub, although those that opt to do so for the improved reliability, will have to reconnect all their devices.

Samsung is staying tight lipped regarding the new features of the new hub and App, although it promised to reveal more closer to release.

Pricing has been set at $99 (£65) for those wanting to pre-order the new hub, although a UK release date has not yet been confirmed.

Those in the US will have the option of buying the hub directly from Samsung or from Amazon.

Samsung has its sights set on the UK, where the plug and play home automation market is still growing at a rapid rate.

The likes of Belkin and Smanos currently dominate the plug and play market in the UK, meaning Samsung will not be the sole operator in the UK market.

What affect growth in the plug and play market will have on the professional installer is as yet not totally clear, but increased awareness of smart home technology has to be seen as an opportunity and not a problem. 

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