Philips already offers a hardware switch to dim its Hue in the form of the Hue Tap, although that requires consistently pressing the buttons to get it working; as it’s powered by kinetic energy.

Now, Philips is offering an alternative dimmer switch that can be stuck to the wall, like the Tap, but is powered by a CR2450 battery instead, meaning it will work no matter how softly the user touches it.

The four-button (on/off, dim up/down) dimmer goes onto the wall of a user’s home utilising the wall plate that is included with every purchase.

Hue’s latest dimmer switch does not require wiring in like some other switches however, as it works completely wirelessly.

There is also no requirement for it to be permanently fixed to the wall, as users can simply pop-out the four-button dimmer switch and use it as a wireless remote instead.

Philips will be offering its latest dimmer switch as part of a package, which includes a Hue warm white bulb.

Unlike some cheaper dimmer switches, Philips promises that users will be able to control 10 Hue bulbs flicker-free, buzz-free and instantly.

The company also claims that its latest dimmer switch it ‘future-proof’, as it can be updated when connected to Philips’ Bridge Hub.

What updates can users expect? Well, Philips has already confirmed that Apple’s HomeKit is launching in the Autumn for Hue, with the dimmer switch likely also receiving support.

Shipping dates are set for September in the US, although a UK release has yet to be confirmed.

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