Roku has finally made its latest set-top box official and it supports 4K streaming.

The Roku 4 has been designed to take on the latest generation of set-top boxes, which includes the new Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Unlike the new Apple TV, the Roku 4 supports 4K streaming from more sources than any other product of its type.

Netflix, M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, ToonGoggles, Vudu and YouTube can all stream 4K footage on the Roku 4.

There’s also spotlight channel which is designed to make finding 4K content easier – giving instant access to 4K movies, TV shows and more.

Like the new Apple TV, the Roku 4 also supports universal search using the user’s voice.

The Roku 4 is powered by a quad-core processor which should enable 4K streaming at 60fps, while the hardware also supports HDCP 2.2 and optical audio out.

One other unique feature that will likely please those who are always losing the remote is a ‘Remote Finder’ function.

The remote finder function is activated by pressing one button on the Roku 4’s hardware.

Unfortunately, the Roku 4 will only be available in the US initially – although the company has said that it hopes to roll it out to additional markets in the future.

Those in the UK won’t be left without any updates however, as Roku has also revealed a new software update for existing Roku set-top boxes.

Roku OS 7 brings even more power for searching content – including the ability to subscribe for updates on TV shows, movies, actors or directors.

This means whenever a new film from Steven Spielberg is available to be streamed, Roku can find it and give users the chance to stream it with just one click.

Roku’s latest update also allows users to take their set-top boxes with them on the road, thanks to a new hotel and dorm connect feature.

Users will be able to login to password protected Wi-Fi networks from a laptop, smart phone or tablet simply by using their log-in credentials.

On top of the update for Roku’s line-up of set-top boxes, the company is also updating its mobile App to allow users to find content without having to turn on their Roku.

The App can even send content directly to a user’s Roku.

Roku has said that the software update will begin rolling out in mid-October and should reach all devices by the end of November.

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