Revel by Harman has announced the introduction of the C383XC and C363XC extreme climate flush-mount loudspeakers.

These two speakers have been designed to cope with any environment whether it be hot, cold, damp, humid or wet.

The XC series can work indoors in showers and saunas or outside on decks and screened porches – making them extremely versatile.

Both models have been built to be resistant to corrosion from salt water and can be deployed in marine applications such as high-end yachts.

The two XC series models are the first in a new range of extreme climate loudspeakers from Revel.

Designed to fit into tight spaces, the C383XC 8in and C363XC 6½in flush-mount loudspeakers can fit into a space less than 2.8in deep.

Both models feature weatherised drivers and construction and have achieved an IP65 rating for durability, meaning they are fully protected against dust and can be exposed to spray and low-pressure jets of water from all directions.

“We created the C383XC and C363XC to deliver the exceptional sound Revel is known for to extreme climates where up until now high quality audio hasn’t been attainable,” says Jim Garrett, director of marketing and product management, Harm Luxury Audio.

“The XC Series is designed to meet the demands of the harshest environments and provide consistent performance while also providing an attractive design that will blend into any environment.”

The Revel XC Series loudspeakers feature black aluminium-cone, cast-polymer-frame woofers, 1in black aluminium dome tweeters and high-order crossover networks

In order to provide a consistent aesthetic, the Revel XC series 8in and 6½in round extreme climate grilles appear identical to those in the rest of the Revel Architectural Series and will also be available for use with any of Revel’s existing in-ceiling models of those two sizes.

Revel is confident in their ruggedness as it will honour its lifetime warranty with both XC series models.