Multi-room audio is big business, but according to Philips only 5% of households claim to have a multi-room audio system.

Why? Philips believes that consumers find them too complex and find them too limiting, with some music sources not supported by the likes of Sonos.

Philips is hoping to change that with Izzy – a one button solution for streaming music around a user’s home.

The quest for simplicity extends to the range, with just two products available; the Izzy BM5 and the Izzy BM50.

While sound is important to Philips, simplicity is the true aim for the Izzy range and that’s evident in the way the speakers function.

Users can connect a smartphone or tablet to the Izzy using Bluetooth allowing for access to a wide range of music sources.

Due to there being no App requirement, Izzy works with any service on a user’s phone – whether it be local music, Spotify, Deezer, Groove or Apple Music.

Up to four other Izzy speakers can be connected to the first one at any given time, which can be done by simply pressing a single button on the speakers.

The Izzy BM5 is a compact speaker with an open range of around 100m.

It comes equipped with two 2.5in drivers and a bass reflex port. It is also available in a range of three different colours.

The Izzy BM50 is the larger of the two speakers, equipped with a pair of 2.75in drivers and bass port and powered by 40W amplification.

Unlike the BM5, the BM50 supports even more streaming options – including CDs, USB and radio.

Philips expects to start shipping the Izzy range later this year.

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