Crystal Acoustics has revealed its WiSound multi-room range of products for the first time at IFA 2015 in Berlin.

The range consists of a series of wireless speakers and complementary devices that have been designed to offer an easy, flexible way or organising a multi-zone music network.

Crystal Acoustics believes that the WiSound multi-room system is capable of meeting the needs of any installation – by using a range of different features.

The first is the ability to play any source to any speaker; it does this by allowing any device connected to the system via Bluetooth or USB to have its audio data re-transmitted over WiFi so it can be played on a variety of different speakers.

Utilising the Widaptor, Crystal Acoustics has also made it possible to upgrade old kit with new ‘smart’ features.

While old audio kit may not have been designed with multi-room audio in mind, Crystal Acoustics believes that its Widaptor can bring new life into any audio kit that the customer may have lying around.

With the Widaptor, speakers will be transformed into zones and will become completely controllable from the App.

Zones are useful for transmitting audio into specific sections of a house or office, but Crystal Acoustics believes that traditional systems make it too difficult to put speakers on the network into groups, or stereo pairs.

Using the App, installers will be able to send any source to any speaker in the WiSound eco-system.

Whether it be a TV soundbase or high-end stereo monitors, the system supports a wide range of products.

The full range of WiSound compatible products out of the box includes the Cuby 9 standalone wireless speaker, the Teevy 6 MR soundbase, Teevy Bar soundbar, WiSub subwoofer, the Tower 5 and Tower 6 floorstanding stereo speakers and the Monitor 1 and Monitor 8 stereo speakers.

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