VividWorks, a cloud-based 3D visual sales solutions provider for omnichannel commerce, recently showcased a prototype extension to its VividPlatform during EuroShop 2017.

Taking place March 5-9, Euroshop 2017 is the world’s largest retail tradeshow, and included  a whole host of new technologies for retailers to utilise in their stores in the coming years.

VividWorks’ prototype included in-store VR, as well as large photorealistic 4K displays, providing the complete customer engagement experience: from web to mobile (including AR) to physical AV showroom.

VividWorks’ VividPlatform is a customisable Cloud-based product configuration, visualisation and sales management platform for commerce, designed to maximise sales and streamline the design-to-quote-to-order process. It delivers stunning user-friendly visualisations that successfully drive business objectives and promote faster purchasing decisions.

The modular nature of VividPlatform allows the possibility of photorealistic quality renderings for large format displays (LFD) and VR interfaces on the same platform. So, whereas rendering has to be throttled back for out-of-store use, as a result of performance limitations on web and app-for-tablet, it is now possible to do full justice to customer products in store – as well as providing a true hybrid retail experience.