tvONE is to show off its latest creations at ISE 2016, revealing that it will be bringing the CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini 4K input and output modules alongside a new AV over IP module to ISE 2016 in Amsterdam. The company also teased another ‘innovative’ reveal, but failed to state exactly what it was.

CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini video wall processors offer anything in, anything out capability fully covering 4K. With the new 4K and AV over IP modules, the processors can accept IP streams up to 1080p, 4K file playback via USB3.0 and 4K still images – all on one card, in one slot.

Also new at ISE is the tvONE 1T-MV-8474 4K Multiviewer, the latest product in its range of 4K enabled products.

The Multiviewer can display up to four video windows simultaneously via sixteen different fixed layouts, which can be recalled to present content in a variety of combinations. This could vary from a straight forward quad split, picture-in-picture, triple, side-by-side, full screen or something more complex with multiple layers.

tvONE will also demonstrate CORIOgrapher v2, the new version of its control software for CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini.

CORIOgrapher v2 has been designed to make the creation of custom video walls faster and easier to set up than ever, simplifying the management of collections of displays of diverse size, resolution and orientation. According to tvONE, CORIOgrapher v2 makes the process of creating video walls a creative pursuit with nearly unlimited freedom and flexibility.

Also to be introduced at ISE is the new MultiView II Dual DVI-Tx Morph-It Card, a dual digital video transmitter card that is compatible with the MVII-DVI-Rx-1k receiver, plus the entire MultiView family of distribution and switching products including the Mondo-III matrix switch and the Morph-It powered backplane.

One of MultiView DVI’s key features is its full backwards compatibility with Magenta’s UTP-based crosspoint switch, the Mondo Matrix.

Combining MultiView DVI with a Mondo Matrix provides integrators with the ability to implement digital video when utilising one of the largest switches in the world, as the Mondo is configurable in increments of 16 inputs and outputs, from 16×16 all the way to 256×512.

The tvONE C2-2855 high performance scaler will be on the show floor with a new feature enhancement; auto-switching, which turns the scaler into a standalone device.  It allows the user to connect their source and have it automatically displayed on screen without having to press any buttons.  The resolution of the incoming video is quickly detected, analysed, and presented on screen. 

This new feature should be particularly useful in situations where there is little or no technical supervision such as in meeting rooms, medical environments, teaching spaces or live staging events.

tvONE also plans to position its new 1T-CL-322 control panel as an easy to use and cost effective Ethernet based solution for system automation and remote control.

The control panel consists of 15 LED backlit buttons, each programmable for either a single function or for recalling a sequence of commands in a macro.

Each macro can be executed with a single button push, recalling up to 16 of the 128 stored commands, allowing the user to create and easily recall complex scenes or presets.

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