tvONE, a designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, has announced the first shipments of its 4K output modules for the CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini and a new version release of its control software to the CORIOmaster systems, CORIOgrapher 2.0.

The addition of 4K support to CORIOmaster systems consists of two new modules.

The HDMI 4K30 scaling output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC-1OUT) is shipping now and the HDMI 4K30/60 input module (CM-HDMI-4K-2IN) is set to ship in December.

Both modules are HDMI & HDCP 1.4 compatible and allow resolutions of up to 3840×2160.

With the recent addition of 4K support to CORIOmaster systems comes the new CORIOgrapher 2.0 creative video wall design software.

CORIOgrapher 2.0 promises to revolutionise the speed and ease with which custom videowalls can be set up and deployed.

CORIOgrapher 2.0’s newest features include the ability to use the manufacturer’s new 4K output module, the addition of Pixel Mode for LED wall integration and the Offline Configuration Editor with presets.

Edge-blending and user control capability have also been improved.

With CORIOgrapher 2.0, a user can set the exact dimensions of their displays down to the mm or inch.

Mixing of projectors and displays has also been made simple, as the system provides the ability to account for bezels and spacing between displays.

As today’s LED displays vary significantly in size, pixel density and resolution, CORIOgrapher 2.0 features Pixel Mode, enabling exact mapping of the source content to the LED display wall.

The new Offline Configuration Editor aids in your design process by allowing you to create complete videowall layouts from a PC without a connection to the CORIOmaster.

Once designed, configurations and presets can be uploaded into the CORIOmaster at any time using a direct connection or over the local area network.

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