Four new products are set to join the One-task range, as tvONE has revealed a HDMI scaling multiviewer, a 4×4 HDMI scaling matrix and video wall processor and two new HDMI 4K60Hz distribution amplifiers.

The VP-6442 HDMI 4×4 scaling matrix and video wall processor comes equipped with three operational modes – a 4×4 matrix mode, quad output mode and video wall mode.

For seamless cuts between sources via direct selection or to recall any of four user pre-sets that have been saved, users will need to use the 4×4 matrix mode.

Quad output mode allows four sources to be displayed on a single display, while video wall mode allows for 2×2 walls to be created with bezel compensation using any one of the four sources.

Next to be announced is the VP-446 HDMI scaling multiviewer, which is a 4×1 full featured unit with up to four independent windows that can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen with on screen source labelling.

A full screen switcher mode promises ‘seamless’ switching of the four sources with adjustable cross fade capability.

The full screen source can be rotated in 90° increments, while four pre-built presets are provided with an additional four end user customisable presets.

Both units are in 1RU chassis and can be controlled by a full featured web user interface, Ethernet, RS-212 and an IR remote.

HDMI v1.3 compatible inputs and outputs with resolution support up to 1080p60/WUXGA along with digital audio support with breakaway capability.

Joining these two products will be a new series of HDMI 4K60Hz distribution amplifiers, consisting of two professional units that distribute up to four HDMI 4K60Hz signals.

The new series consists of the 1T-DA-682 1×2 HDMI 4K60Hz distribution amplifier and the 1T-DA-684 1×4 HDMI 4K60Hz distribution amplifier.

Both units are HDCP 2.2 compatible, support HDMI signals up to 4096×2160 at 60Hz (with 4:2:0 colour) or up to 30Hz (with 4:4:4 colour) and can be cascaded up to three layers in a system design.

Both units are ½ rack width in size and have an optional dual-unit 1RU rack mount available.

Pricing details for tvONE’s new range has yet to be announced.

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