tvONE has announced the expansion of its Training Academy by adding a new studio area, which will enable the development of an extensive suite of online tutorial videos as well as the expansion of its series of webinars.

The studio is kitted out with nearly £100,000 of third party and tvONE equipment. The company will continue to offer CTS accredited pro AV modules face-to-face, over the web or at client sites.

The studio area in the Training Academy is a multi-use space that is available for hands-on training but can be converted into a studio for creating webinars and online tutorial videos, in minutes.

To ensure that videos are of a highly professional standard, the area includes a fabric drape in the background that prevents external light leaks. The studio is operated by the presenter and uses multiple cameras allowing close-ups to be mixed with views of the presenter. It is possible to live cut and stream out over the web, but most sessions are recorded and edited before uploading.

“Our CTS accredited hands-on sessions remain popular, but we hear from clients that their time is becoming more and more precious,” Mark Trevena, training manager of tvONE explains.

“The tvONE Training Academy Studio provides a solution that maintains the high quality of presentation and content our partners, installers and end users expect, but provides new formats and forms of content that they can access instantly online at a time that suits them.

“Trained and accredited installers are key in our mission to create satisfied customers,” he furthers. “That is why we put a lot of effort into training so that installers fully understand how to access the capabilities and features that our systems offer. The Training Academy Studio takes this a step further.”

The tvONE video channel can be found here.

The manufacturer has already created over 20 short videos, ranging from brief product overviews, to unboxing videos, to in-depth step-by-step tutorials on how to deliver specific functions.