At ISE 2017, tvONE will introduce the CORIOmaster micro, the latest member of its CORIOmaster video processing product range, which comprises the CORIOmaster (4RU), CORIOmaster mini (1RU) and new CORIOmaster micro (1/2 RU).

Specifically designed to be easy to deploy without compromising performance, presentation or functionality, CORIOmaster micro is designed to act as a cost effective solution for four-screen 2×2 video walls, projector edge blends or small multiviewer applications that don’t require a full sized CORIOmaster.

Its modular I/O system provides users with the flexibility of any signal-in, to any signal-out. These all-in-one system solutions can manage up to four canvases for supporting multiple video walls, while also performing various other video tasks simultaneously, including: real-time 360 video rotations, multi-image processing and transitions and edge blending.

Not only does the CORIOmaster micro deliver the same bandwidth and functionality of CORIOmaster in a compact form capable of accepting up to three modules, but it also adds audio support as well as front panel buttons for source routing and preset recalling.

Paired with user-friendly design software, CORIOgrapher v2, usability is said to be straightforward. CORIOgrapher allows users to set the exact dimensions of displays down to the inch, millimetre or even pixel.


CORIOmaster 4K Streaming Media Input Module

The manufacturer has also announced that it is now shipping the streaming media and 4K playback input module (CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH) and new HDBaseT input module (CM-HDBT-2IN-1ETH) for CORIOmaster systems.

The new CORIOmaster streaming media and 4K playback module allows digital video from the cloud or the internet to be blended with local media and AV connections and presented together on a video wall in any desired configuration.

Compatible with the CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro, the module offers dual channel 1080p60 streaming media as well as file playback, via USB3.0, of any resolution up to UHD/4K on the main channel and 1080p/60 on the secondary channel. Key features include on-board 16Gb storage for video/still playback expandable to 128Gb.

Paired with the new streaming media and 4K playback module, the also new, Magenta Encoder-100 is a single channel encoder capable of resolutions up to 1920×1200 that allow traditional AV signals such as HDMI to be streamed to a video wall. Video streams can be scaled before distribution to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Also new at ISE is the 4K HDBaseT (dual) input module, allowing for the input of uncompressed, high resolution video from stand-alone transmitters located up to 150m away, 60m for 4K video.

The HDBaseT input module also allows for Ethernet to be accessible from distant transmitters. This module can be used with transmitters that support HDBaseT, HDBaseT-Lite and HDBaseT-Extended mode.

The manufacturer advises that for the best results, a 4K HDBaseT input module should be paired with an existing tvONE HD-One product.

tvONE will also demonstrate CORIOgrapher v2 during ISE 2017, the latest version of its control software for CORIOmaster CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro. CORIOgrapher v2 IS designed to make the creation of custom video walls of diverse size, resolution and orientation faster and easier to setup. The mixing of projectors and displays has also been made easy, as the system provides the ability to account for bezels and spacing between displays.

Streaming video and playback of 4K files and 8K still images are included in the latest rendition of CORIOgrapher v2. When using tvONE’s CORIOgrapher v2 design and control software, the user can mix streaming video with 4K files and still images into a single playlist all from a CORIOmaster.

Visit tvONE at ISE on stand 5-S60.