Tripleplay has developed a solution that uses technology hardware from media player specialist Shuttle to enable its users to add 4K to digital signage deployments through the Shuttle DS81 4K product.

Tripleplay CEO, Steve Rickless says; “While 4K is not yet a mainstream requirement, it is widely acknowledged that many businesses will demand the improved quality it can provide for large format display deployments. We have taken our time to weigh up options ensuring that when we go to market we have a genuine 4k solution that can be deployed in a cost-effective, low bandwidth impact manner.

“Being hardware agnostic gave us a great advantage over many of our competitors and we have selected a great solution from Shuttle to integrate our digital signage software onto and we expect our customers to be very pleased with the results.”

Tripleplay argues that whilst 4K is still a burgeoning technology, through the release of H.265 compression and as bandwidth availability increases, it will become much more achievable for businesses and is expected to become popular in sports, retail, advertising and enterprise.

Tripleplay solutions are also available in 720p and 1080p using the Amino STB range.

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