Installing AV is only part of the project, as every commercial integrator will know. The harder part usually comes after the initial installation. That’s because the client will then have to work with new AV, and manage what they have had installed. Thankfully, there are solutions to make that super simple, with Sony’s latest offering dubbed TEOS Manage.

TEOS solutions are designed to transform workspaces for employees and visitors so that working is simplified, collaboration is enhanced and facilities management is optimised. The first solution to be launched, TEOS Manage, enables a streamlined workspace experience where devices are interconnected, automated and easily controlled, so content can be shared and communicated effortlessly. Management of all a building’s IP devices, from displays and projectors are controllable with TEOS Manage.

“We know that three of the big challenges many organisations struggle with are technology disrupting meetings and collaboration, managing devices and workspace occupancy across buildings and creating consistent and effective corporate communications,” says Thomas Issa, product manager for B2B Displays at Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

“TEOS Manage is designed to support businesses in overcoming these challenges by increasing efficiencies across building management and user behaviour. With TEOS, work days become easier and more productive.”

The TEOS Manage platform gives businesses total control of their corporate workplace communications. All IP devices, Sony displays, projectors and tablets, as well as other branded devices on demand, can be centrally controlled. Devices can be flexibly grouped by building, floor, or any other criteria, so it’s easy to push through content, from emergency alerts to digital signage.

The solution also integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook 365 and Google Calendar, as well as other platforms on demand, so room bookings can be displayed on any connected devices. And scheduling tools make it simple to change content at specific times, or turn off devices automatically to save energy.

As well as managing content, TEOS Manage makes creating it easy with the in-built Signage Designer, including functions to pull in content from YouTube and other social media platforms. The platform also gives a complete overview of a building with a comprehensive dashboard that displays meeting room occupancy, content distribution and alerts in case of issues. TEOS Manage can be purchased as software to manage your existing infrastructure, hosted locally or in the cloud, or as part of a fully installed and integrated hardware and software solution.

“TEOS Manage is part of a broader range of corporate solutions designed to meet a wide range of business needs,” concludes Thomas. “So, whether you’re looking for a smart display on a wall, or you want to create a fully automated and integrated workplace, Sony can help.”