Digital signage is continuing to grow at an explosive rate. Businesses across the world are seeing their value, and installing them for advertising and informational purposes. Having a display installed is just one part of the puzzle, however. If the display is connected to the internet using Wi-Fi – then it best be secure, otherwise it could result in disaster – as proven by train stations in both the US and India.

Hackers in India managed to gain control of giant screens at one of Delhi’s busiest airports. That meant rather than displaying crucial information to passengers, the screens were instead used to display X-rated content. The cause of the intrusion? Unsecure Wi-Fi.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has identified three suspects in the incident, noting that the offending screen was operated by a private company who had left it on an unsecure Wi-Fi network, leaving it accessible to the general public.

“As per CCTV footage, three men have run (the) porn clip through their mobile on this TV,” the DMRC said in a statement.

The private contractor which owns the screen is already working on ensuring that this never happens again. Coincidentally that simply involves putting a password on the Wi-Fi network, and ensuring users can’t simply beam whatever they want to the screen.

The incident in India is not the only time that this has occurred either. Today, Washington DC’s Union Station was also compromised with smut during peak time. It’s not known whether this was caused by unsecure Wi-Fi, but with displays now offering smart features, such as streaming content from a mobile phone, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.