Panasonic’s 4K dome cameras were recently chosen as part of a security overhaul at the Ilfishalle stadium in Langnau, home to the SCL Tigers, a Swiss ice hockey club.

While security cameras can often receive criticism for not being the best quality-wise, Panasonic’s WV-SF781L takes full advantage of the resolution boost. It does so by offering features such as 6x optical zoom, which allows for intricate facial details to be picked up by the cameras.

The resolution and wide angle coverage offered by the 4K cameras have allowed the stadium to cut down on costs and installation time. That’s because just two cameras are needed to monitor the entire length of each stand.

In addition to the 4K cameras, the stadium also opted for Panasonic’s WV-SW598A full HD fixed dome cameras outside the stadium and in areas away from the spectator stands. With these cameras operators benefit from a 30x optical zoom, PTZ functionality and a 128x dynamic range to capture clear footage in all lighting conditions.

The Tigers play in the National League A, the top division in Switzerland. Strict regulations regarding the safety of spectators as well as the security of stadiums. This means that it was crucial the club had a camera setup that would be dependable and compliant.

“The stadium operators needed to be able to review the video material of the stands and the areas outside the stadium within hours of an incident taking place,” says CEO of SCL Tigers, Peter Müller.

“The Panasonic brand is well known for its reliability and high-quality products. Value for money was another key aspect, and Panasonic provides exactly what we were looking for.

“For us, it’s important that we invest capital in the best way possible and get the most out of it.”