Genelec Audio Upgrade For Japanese Restaurant

It’s not often that you associate a Japanese restaurant in the capital of Peru as having a decent quality sound system, but that’s exactly what Osaka is. Osaka serves up high quality Japanese and Japanese-Peruvian (Nikkei) cuisine in the Peruvian capital of Lima, with music playing a key part of the restaurant’s ambience and entertainment.

Integrator Sonar Audio was called in to add quality audio as an accompaniment to Osaka’s dishes and surroundings, with the company eventually settling on a Genelec sound system.

The restaurant is located in the basement of a new cooperative building in the San Isidro district, and the installation aimed to achieve neutral sound in every area of the acoustically untreated space. Consistent audio performance in the 500 square metre area posed a challenge due to its poor acoustics, and in addition, the client was keen to maintain a clean, good-looking restaurant aesthetic. A further requirement was for part of the restaurant space to be able to be turned into a lively entertainment space after dinnertime, with the option to host DJ parties and celebrations long into the night.

Sonar opted for a stereo system installation using an array of Genelec loudspeakers from the 4000 Series. The installation was required to have the option for a stage area with ambient music, but also be able to deliver in the dining, bar, lounge, toilets, terrace and private areas. In addition, Sonar was tasked with hiding the DJ booth to maintain the interior of the restaurant. In the stage area there is a piece of furniture ready to move and convert into a DJ booth, changing the dynamic of the space and increasing the sound possibilities. Sonar worked one year in advance from the plans with architects Costa+Herrera, who were involved in the entire process. The architects’ work made it possible to deliver the solution which provides a clean aesthetic and exemplary sound quality throughout the space, with precisely located speakers.

“When we were commissioned to design an extremely sonorous sound system for this client I couldn´t think of any other gear than Genelec, mainly because of the reliability,” says Clifford Day, director of Sonar.

“The first requirement was to fill this big restaurant with good sound and also take into account that the sound in the lounge and bar should be powerful enough to impress clients when needed. What I liked most about this project was that the intention was not to create a club-restaurant; this place must be always a restaurant first and foremost, but the sound system should be as good as it can be without the requirement for really high pressure levels. Again, this is a perfect situation to work with Genelec, whenever you need the best sound without the requirement for very high SPLs (More than 114 dB SPL in all areas). With a good selection of Genelec pieces we were able to fulfil this expectation.

“The second problem was the need to control sound in a large area with a lot of concrete and glass. We added some diffusers and placed the speakers in their best position to achieve a tight sound. Reverberations cannot be felt and the sound is very lively. Budget is always an issue in projects such as these, and working with Genelec, you know you get a product that is complete and ready to tweak and get the most out of it. If properly done, sound behaves the way needed and results are better than expected by the clients. Exceeding the goal is always gratifying.”