Mezzi Comunicazione Audiovisiva recently overhauled the AV infrastructure within Vita-Salute San Raffaele University – a leading institution in Milan.

The continuing integration of academics, research and practice that characterises the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University requires audiovisual infrastructure capable of meeting these high standards, which led Mezzi Comunicazione Audiovisiva to develop a bespoke integrated solution using Sony products.

What Was Installed?

Sony’s VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors were installed in the majority of the building’s classrooms. The projector’s Z-Phosphor laser light source system guarantees WUXGA-resolution images packed with detail and brightness as high as 4100 lumens, with an expected lifetime of 20,000 hours with virtually no maintenance required.

It wasn’t just the university’s projectors receiving an overhaul: the building’s video capture system was upgraded to include a PTZ camera, capable of capturing high-quality colour video. The Full HD SRG-300H dome camera, controlled remotely over standard IP networks, can be used as a main or secondary camera in a wide range of streaming or video footage applications. This camera ensures detailed Full HD pictures with high horizontal resolution, with a frame rate of 60 fps.

Another immediate benefit to the students is that now they can easily consult and view the lesson schedule on the FWL-65W855C Sony Bravia display positioned in the university foyer. The professional, 65″ display is used to create eye-catching signage in Full HD resolution.

In addition to the classrooms at the university itself, two classrooms at the affiliated San Raffaele hospital (Nina and Pinta), that are also used for medical conferences run by the university, have each been equipped with VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors by Mezzi Comunicazione Audiovisiva and, when the rooms are in their ‘connected’ configuration, there is a total of four Full HD, 55″ Sony Bravia colour screens.

The high performance levels, superior image quality and compatibility of Sony’s products with the university’s existing technology have all received positive feedback from university staff, who have praised the solution’s simplicity.

Kit List

  • 1 BRAVIA FWL-65W855C display
  • 4 BRAVIA FWL-55W805C displays at the San Raffaele Hospital in the Nina and Pinta classrooms
  • 10 VPL-FHZ57 projectors
  • 2 VPL-FHZ57 projectors at the San Raffaele Hospital in the Nina and Pinta classrooms
  • 8 VPL-FHZ55 projectors
  • 11 SRG-300H HD dome cameras