Atlona has been named the first ‘Technology Partner’ of The Global Presence Alliance (GPA).

The Global Presence Alliance is comprised of a select group of leading audiovisual, unified communications and managed services solution providers worldwide, who have joined together to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance communication for global clients. This new Technology Partner classification adds a third tier to the organisation’s already well established GPA Accredited Vendor Program (AVP) and widens the scope of the program to include a range of emerging technology manufacturers.

“Atlona has put a major focus on extending its global footprint to adhere to our ‘be global, act local’ philosophy. Joining The Global Presence Alliance’s Accredited Vendor Program as the first Technology Partner is a major milestone for us,” says Ronni Guggenheim, general manager, Atlona International. “We look forward to working with GPA members to improve their understanding of our products and how they can benefit customers.”

“Our Accredited Vendor Program is almost two years old, and we have made great strides in forming closer global collaborative relationships and operational and logistical alignment within our current portfolio of AVP vendor partners. However, we continue to identify a number of additional vendors of interest to our members; vendors who in return see great value in increasing their exposure and relationships with the GPA community,” adds GPA board director for vendor relations Philip Holtum. “Atlona’s recent market growth, positioning and interest in the GPA made them an easy first choice.”

The GPA’s board director for customer strategy, David Lesch of AV Media (Prague, Czech Republic), adds: “A key GPA focus is to enhance the leadership and maturity of our members – not only for global project delivery, but in their businesses.

“Atlona’s addition as the first GPA Vendor Program Technology Partner will broaden the portfolio of trusted and credible solutions that will bring significant value to GPA members and their customers.”