Dynamo is a man who knows a thing or two about magic and illusion, so the whole team involved with this project knew they had their work cut out when attempting to create a hidden TV experience for TV’s hottest magician.

The team supplied one Luxury TV Mirror Frame and a Custom TV Art Frame from the FrameYourTV range with a few custom made adjustments.

Anthony explains he has been the Sevenoaks Sound and Vision Chelsea franchise owner for 13 years, for a store which celebrated its 20th birthday this year.

The business consists of five staff: three shop staff, two custom installers and one very hard-working van.

Anthony says: “Dynamo needed TVs for two areas, but didn’t want to see the TVs. He looked online, found FrameYourTV and contacted them. They told him to visit our shop, where we demonstrated the FrameYourTV concept and that’s where we started working together to achieve his vision.

“After undertaking the site survey, the brief was to have a mirror TV in the living room with – and I quote: ‘An epic frame!’ This was why in the end Dynamo decided on the Cosmopolitan, one of the most complex hand carved frames that FrameYourTV produce.

“For the Custom TV Art Frame room, the brief was to have a TV hidden behind the art of Dynamo’s choice, so that, again, there was no sign of a TV when not in use. The Art TV has a rolling mechanism where the client can place the art of their choice to cover the TV. The other frame was chosen to create something unique that would stand out and frame the mirror when the TV is off.”

Anthony adds: “We always survey the property first to identify and tackle any issues that may arise. No major problems here except that the stairs limited just how ‘epic’ the frame could be.”

Now that it’s all finished, what’s the best part about the install?

Anthony says: “I just love the irony of a magician needing technology to make things disappear! That’s what he achieves with sleight of hand every day. As a rule, a customer’s privacy is of tantamount importance to us, so we try not to contact the client post-installation as I’m sure they’ve got better things to do than have a chat with us.

“That said, however, I do know that Dynamo is very happy, both with the products supplied and the first class service that he received at every stage, from both Sevenoaks Chelsea and FrameYourTV.

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