Smarke says its solution is the easiest way to share secure, scheduled access to any rental property with guests, instantly and remotely with no keys required.

After successful Beta trials, Smarke is now ready to launch in the UK and is promising to completely change the way access is given to people entering a property, whether friends or rental clients.

Owners can let an AirBnB client in for example just using their smartphone and the Smarke App regardless of location.

The Smarke lock is the same size as a standard Euro lock and so is straight-forward to fit, taking less than five minutes according to the maker, the rest of the functionality is all handled within the App.

The user can decide when guests are able to check in and check out of a property by linking to the guests smartphone for a specific date or time if needs be. That quest can then pass on the access to others who are authorised within their own party.

The App then uses Bluetooth to unlock and lock the door, so there‘s no need to rely on potentially hackable Wi-Fi or a vulnerable Internet connection.

The device also sits inside the door, so its not possible to identify from the outside and a normal key can still be used to gain access.

Smarke is also battery operated so there is nothing to wire or connect. When the battery is running low (it lasts up to six months), an alert is sent to the App.

As well as the lock, the company also offers an intercom and a keypad and the maker says all three are protected via military grade encryption.

The intercom solution is new to the range and allows property owners in apartments, flats or gated communities to have a ‘smart’ entry solution.

Anyone with an existing intercom system can have the chip installed in their apartment, allowing access the building using a code, while also being able to send a scheduled personalised code to others via the mobile App.

The keypad controls the smart lock via Bluetooth. It sits discretely on the outside of the door and offers users an alternative if they do not have their smartphones with them or their phone battery dies.

Smarke is developed and manufactured in the UK and the maker has also confirmed the system will be compatible with home automation systems such as Control4, Crestron and KNX.

A new player in the smart security sector has launched