As expected, Crestron’s prominent ISE booth was largely dedicated to the commercial sector, although the manufacturer still had a few exciting residential announcements and demos for visitors, including highlighting its new integrated voice control solution in a dedicated soundproof room.

Due to the partnership with Amazon, Crestron Technology Professionals can now leverage Alexa Voice Service to build voice controlled scenes and settings that are fully customised to their clients’ lifestyles.

Integration is not limited to basic functions such as lighting and temperature; homeowners can choose from a reportedly unlimited range of voice control options for their homes.

“We’ve been collaborating very closely with Amazon Alexa engineers to make sure we offer an uncompromising voice control experience that is every bit as seamless and satisfying as tapping a button on a beautiful Crestron touch screen, remote control or designer keypad,” says John Clancy, VP of residential systems at Crestron.

“You can ask Alexa to set the mood for dinner, or to play a movie in the bedroom, or let her know it’s too cold in the bathroom. Just say the word and your Crestron system responds immediately.”

Crestron Technology Professionals can define and deploy Amazon Alexa skills using new software modules that interface with both the Smart Home Skill API and the Alexa Skills Kit SDK. These modules are for use with homes using both Crestron 3-Series processors and Crestron Pyng.

Crestron Sonos

Meanwhile, Crestron was also demonstrating the way it enables integration between the Sonos App and Crestron touchscreens, with live demos being hosted by Crestron technicians in a dedicated soundproof room.

Homeowners can now search for music, play and pause, adjust the volume, view now playing information with artwork and add or remove zones as they move about the house, from a Crestron touch screen.

“The Crestron solution gets even better as we are the only partner who can run the Sonos app from within our native Crestron environment,” says John. “All partners can deliver the fundamental Sonos controls but only with Crestron can you access everything Sonos can do directly from within our touch screens.  This makes Crestron the only partner that really and truly is in perfect rhythm with Sonos.”

Crestron TSW touchscreen

The manufacturer also displayed the new generation of its line of TSW home entertainment and automation touch screens during ISE 2017, comprising the TSW-560, TSW-760 and TSW 1060

“For the new generation, we focused on the exceptionally fast new processor and making strategic improvements that deliver big benefits to integrators and their customers,” comments Byron Wendling, technology manager at Crestron.

Only new Crestron TSWs are able to run the full Sonos application and interface right on the touch screen, while models are available with built-in cameras and microphones in order to support high quality video intercom experiences between residents in different rooms and buildings.

The screen border now features backlit capacitive buttons that illuminate according to user needs, while an ambient light sensor adjusts automatically.

All TSWs now ship with a special mounting latch that makes it easy to lock touch screens in place, and Crestron ensured that the new line did not make any changes that disrupt how integrators install and commission TSWs. The styling and colours remain the same, as does power via PoE and mounting options.

Completing its residential focus at the show was Crestron’s latest release of Crestron Studio Software, complete with new features and system improvements designed to make it easy to create intuitive touch screen interfaces, add components and create custom living solutions – without having to write a single line of code.

Crestron Studio is fully compatible with Crestron Pyng software, remote programming, Sonos integration, with an all-new UI refresh.

“The complexity of Crestron programming is a thing of the past,” John insists. “It is now easier than ever to learn, faster to deploy and expand. It’s a true game changer.”