Sony isn’t the only manufacturing offering a short-throw projector at CES 2017, as Hisense has announced a brand new laser 4K projector that will undercut Sony’s offering significantly.

Priced at $13,000, the short-throw projector can display a 100in 4K image from just a few inches away. Like the Sony projector, it also boasts HDR compatibility although Hisense’s model is a touch brighter at 2,700 lumens – to Sony’s 2,500 lumens.

Little else is known about Hisense’s laser projector, but the company has stated that it will support UHD upscaling for users who don’t have access to standard 4K content.

Elsewhere at CES 2017 Hisense is also debuting a few new large screen TVs utilising the company’s ULED technology. The Hisense H10D 4K ULED TV will be the company’s new flagship sets and support quantum dot wide colour gamut, the Ultra HD Premium specification and UHD upscaling. A UK release for these TVs has yet to be confirmed, although upon launch Hisense says that these TVs will be the largest ULED sets available in the US – at 70 and 75in.

In addition to the H10D series, Hisense will also have the H9D and H9D Plus 4K ULED Smart TVs. These TVs feature a wide colour gamut, edge-lit local dimming and UHD upscaling, with the H9D available in 50, 55 and 65in, and the H9D Plus coming in 50, 55, 65 and 75in.

At the lower-end of the market Hisense will also have the H8D 4K Smart TV, which is now available in larger sizes – 65 and 86in. For those who believe that series is still too rich for them, then Hisense has the 4K H7D series which can be bought for as little as $399.99. All TVs no matter the price range will support HDR.

Hisense has confirmed that the projector will be available this summer, while the TVs will become available in the early part of 2017.