DarbeeVision is now shipping its latest digital video processor, the DVP-5000S. With this release, DarbeeVision is promising to deliver unprecedented levels of depth, clarity and realism.

The standalone image enhancer is designed to improve the sense of depth and clarity of digital images using the company’s patented DARBEE Visual Presence technology.

“DVP goes beyond fidelity to make any image or video look better than what the most perfect cameras and displays can achieve,” says Larry Pace, president of DarbeeVision, Inc. “Working at the pixel level, DVP embeds 3D depth cues in real time and with virtually no lag to give your brain the perception that what you’re seeing is real, breathing new detail into flat images without touching color, contrast, sharpening, or resolution.

“The processing achieves a similar result to how an artist is able to create depth and detail in a painting by applying light and dark paint according to how they see the scene with their eyes.

“There’s advanced processing at work but the enhancement applied in real time is quite easy to see. The result is an ultra-immersive visual experience unlike anything provided by other technology.

“No matter if you’re a casual viewer or a hard-core video purist, the DVP-5000S will instantly make movies and images pop and appear lifelike.

“Whether it’s standard def, high def, 3D, 4K UHD, or beyond, DVP technology boosts picture quality with such precision that details you never knew were missing are suddenly revealed.”

Design of the DVP-5000S was an important aspect, as the device is designed to be plug-and-play with dimensions no bigger than the size of a smartphone. It is also compatible with any HDMI source and display.

With the DVP-5000S end-users will be offered three viewing modes that give them flexibility to choose the effect that looks best for their particular setups and viewing preferences.

The ‘Hi-Def’ mode is recommended for high-quality content such as Blu-rays; ‘Gaming’ mode is best suited for computer-generated images; and the ‘Full Pop’ mode is designed for low-resolution and/or low-quality video sources.

The DarbeeVision DVP-5000S is available now for $249, with UK pricing yet to be announced. DarbeeVision products are sold throughout Europe, with Ideal AV Ltd dealing with its sales in the UK.

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