URC says the newest modules harness the power and functionality of the latest products from HEOS By Denon, Philips Hue, KNX, Coolmaster, Sonos and Nest with the company investing a great deal of time and money into developing new third party modules for the European market.

The modules have been designed in house at URC and are free of charge to installers who have purchased URC systems through its exclusive UK distributor, AWE and other European suppliers.

Now fully integrated with HEOS By Denon, the new module provides control of multi-room audio across a property.

Another development is the full release of KNX modules, taking advantage of KNX’s growing strength, particularly on mainland Europe.

The modules for Sonos, Philips Hue, Coolmaster and Nest combine these mainstream consumer products and professional systems and allow them to work together URC.

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