The main thrust of the product is its low price and ease of use as the installer or end user simply connects the Electric Jukebox product to a TV via HDMI, connects the box to the home’s Wi-Fi and the set is transformed into the interface and playback device.

Playback options are not limited to the TV however, line-out and HDMI connections mean the product can deliver the audio through a soundbar, home cinema or AV/Hi-Fi system.

Boasting access to over 30 million songs, the interface is designed to be very easy to use and follow, and built into the controller (which works in a similar fashion to a Wii remote to control what is on screen) is voice activation. Search is also included.

Taking just a couple of minutes to install, the company says its main initial thrust will be through retail, but CEO Rob Lewis told CE Pro Europe at the platform’s launch that the company is also looking to other routes to market, including those parts of the install community looking for an entry level music streaming product.

Hundreds of music channels and also celebrity mixtapes from the likes of Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon and Stephen Fry are designed to make choosing the right music for each mood fast and simple.

“I’m proud to be sharing all my favourite mixtapes on Electric Jukebox for you to enjoy,” Robbie said. “I hope everyone loves our playlists as much as Ayda and I do. Everyone deserves music in their lives and this makes streaming music so easy everyone can do it. You don’t need a manual to work it – just pick it up, plug it in and start playing.”

Whilst playing, Electric Jukebox’s visualiser offers slideshows of photography to accompany the music, courtesy of Getty Images.

Everything needed to get started comes in the box, including a dedicated wireless controller with in-built microphone, audio dongle and a one-year ‘Premium Music Pass’ to access the music.

After one year, the user can keep playing curated music channels with ads or pay £60 for another one-year Premium Music Pass to continue full on-demand access.

The product also has an Explicit Lyric Control option to stop younger members of the family accessing inappropriate content.

The box itself comes in three different colours and the company is banking on the fact that 92% of the UK population have yet to convert to a digital music streaming service and wants to offer an easy option into the freedom streaming offers.

The end user price is set to be around £179/$229/€249.