Samsung’s HW-K950 soundbar will cost approximately £1,055 ($1,499) when it becomes available in the US this summer. This price includes the soundbar, two wireless satellites and a wireless sub; the soundbar and satellites include upward-firing speakers.

CE Pro Eu reached out to Samsung, which commented that UK availability and pricing for the HW-K950 has still not been confirmed.

However, for around £633 ($899) home theatre enthusiasts can invest in the HW-K50 soundbar, which consists of a single Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar and a wireless sub, although it can be upgraded to full surround sound with two of Samsung’s Radiant360 wireless speakers.

“Our 2016 line-up of audio products offers the most immersive sound ever experienced in the home,” says John JY Kim, VP of visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung’s new soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology, delivers the ultimate in cinematic home entertainment, especially when paired with Samsung’s new SUHD TVs.”

For easier integration, Samsung’s surround speakers connect wirelessly to the soundbar; likewise for the subwoofer.

“Dolby Atmos has received overwhelming support from major studios and continues to expand into other form factors, including the new Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar, which allows more consumers to bring an unrivalled sound experience into their homes,” adds Doug Darrow, senior VP, Dolby Laboratories.

“Consumers can experience sound that comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill their home theatres with astonishing clarity, power, detail and depth.”