Origin Acoustics’ engineering team says this new introduction takes performance and install practicality to a new level.

On arrival of its first birthday, Origin will show new 10in in-wall subwoofers in the form of the 10in Aluminum Composer Retrofit unit featuring Origin’s Slide Enclosure for ease installation.

The 10in also comes with a 43.5in Damp Enclosure for new construction installations.

Both models feature a dual-voice coil with a set of two inputs so the subs may be ran in parallel with all Origin Acoustics architectural speakers.

Origin Acoustics has also engineered two new sub amplifiers in the SUBA150 and SUBA500 to complement its in-wall subwoofers.

The single-channel SUBA150 is a 150W amplifier features several customisation controls that allow installers to fine tune the subwoofer response and also features ideal equalisation parameters.

The SUBA500 is a 500W amplifier pre-loaded with DSP settings for the in-wall subwoofers that extend low-end bass response while protecting against damaging overdrive.

The DSP Settings also enable the optimal crossover for in-wall subwoofers to perform in unison with Origin Acoustics architectural speakers.

Other key features include; low profile long throw aluminum woofers, rubber sound dampening and anti-vibration control, high power handling dual voice coil, one piece extruded aluminum enclosure tab on retrofit 10in to allow for more air-volume.

Jeremy Burkhardt, Origin Acoustics CEO, says: “The new Composer In-Wall Subwoofers will produce more bass with less distortion and drywall resonance than any other architectural subwoofer ever. I am excited to provide our dealers with such an awesome innovation.”

Check the compnay out on Stand 5R119.

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