Sony is jumping on the HDR bandwagon at CES 2016, with three TVs sporting the technology alongside a 4K resolution.

The XBR-X940D is the company’s flagship 4K TV for 2016, coming in at 75in, while the XBR-X930D will be available in more common sizes, such as 65in and 55in.

For those looking for something a little more affordable, Sony will also have the XBR-X850D as part of its 4K range, but will lack some of the features of the two flagship models.

Backing up the HDR and 4K technologies baked inside Sony’s latest TVs, the company has also added some of its own smarts – including the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro and TRILUMINOS Display technologies, the former which is missing from the XBR-X850D.

Sony says that these technologies mean that viewers will enjoy higher brightness, higher contrast and more vibrant colours than ever before. Coupled with the HDR technology coming to other television sets at CES 2016, consumers can expect the best viewing experience Sony has ever created.

“Sony knows HDR from the lens to the living room – we were among the first to use cameras that film in 4K and HDR and have been on the forefront of offering consumers technology that can bring the stunning experience of 4K and HDR into their homes,” says Mike Fasulo, president and COO of Sony Electronics.

“Our new line-up of 4K HDR televisions is proof of our continuing efforts to bring the latest and greatest technologies to market that will provide the best home entertainment experience.”

Sony’s flagship XBR-X930D models feature the company’s new Slim Backlight Drive with precision grid array backlighting.

The Slim Backlight Drive, combined with Sony’s enhanced backlight control X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, is designed to boost and dim the backlight to create deeper blacks and brighter peak highlights.

This technology manages the light source more accurately in each specific zone while still maintaining a slim profile.
Sony is hoping to bridge the gap with HDR content as well. Rather than simply relying on streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, which is supported by Sony’s 2016 TVs, the company has revealed a new App from its movie studio dubbed ‘ULTRA’.

Ultra runs on the Android TV software, which will ship on all of Sony’s 2016 Smart TVs, and will allow users to purchase and stream 4K HDR movies and TV shows that are distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Installers can expect the XBR-940D, XBR-930D and XBR-850D to ship in early 2016, although pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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