While High Dynamic Range is the big theme for TVs at CES 2016, LG is not content with being a part of the ‘me-too’ crowd. That’s why the Korean electronics giant has revealed three new LCD 4K TVs boasting ‘HDR-Plus’.

HDR boosts a TV’s contrast ratio and colour accuracy, for a richer, more realistic look. HDR-Plus however combines that technology with LG’s own ‘Colour Prime Plus’, a new filter which attempts at replicating cinema-quality colour, as well as the company’s Ultra Luminance tech for a better contrast ratio.

LG is not the only company to have its own HDR tech, with Dolby notably having one of the most critically acclaimed version with Dolby Vision.

The latest TVs announced by LG at CES 2016 include the UH9500, UH8500 and UH7700 and are available to customers in a range of sizes, from 49in to 86in.

Every model will come with the upgraded LG WebOS 3.0 and have been certified by UL for use within the smart home.

All the TVs are similar in design, although LG says that the UH9500 stands out thanks to its slimmer design, which has a gap of only 6.6mm between the display and the back cover chassis.

While LG’s new HDR technology promises to be better than everyone else’s, the company has not much in the way of content.

Dolby has already been able to sign up numerous movie studios to its Vision technology, with The Martian, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road available in the format, amongst others. Without the content LG may eventually have to abandon its own technology and go with something like Dolby Vision, although HDR is still in its infancy, so anything can change in the next year or so.

As with many CES announcements, LG is not yet ready to announce pricing or release details to the public.

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