Samsung wants TVs to look less like TVs; instead the company wants to make a statement with a new line-up called Serif.

Noticing the growing trend with people trying to mask the fact they have a TV in the room, Samsung has collaborated with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to create the Serif TV.

The goal of Serif TV is to make the television look more like a piece of furniture rather than just a standard slab of metal with a display.

By framing the display with a piece of wood, Samsung hopes that the TV can blend into the background, rather than starkly contrasting against the rest of the furniture.

Serif TV is designed to move away from the logic of ultra-thin screen with a presence akin to an object; you can turn it around and manipulate it. It can stand anywhere – even on the floor using the supplied legs.

It’s not just about the hardware either, the software has also been manipulated to help the TV better blend in with its surroundings.

Like pulling a curtain over the screen, the user interface applies a filter over the content giving an abstract impression of what is going on behind.

When ‘curtain mode’ is active, viewers can access simple services such as a clock, bluetooth speakers, Apps and their photo gallery..

Serif TV will be made available in three different colours and sizes.

An Ultra HD 40in model, a Full HD 32in version and a regular HD 24in set; all of which will be made available in white, red and blue.

The 24in version won’t be available with the additional legs, but the two larger television sets will.

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