Design-conscious custom installers may want to check out the Olive One, the world’s first all-in-one HD music player, available from UK distributor, Audiobility.

The player is designed to deliver high-resolution audio in a multi-room environment, complete with an easy-to-use 7in touchscreen for controlling the user’s music.

Utilising an HD digital-analogue converter based on the Burr Brown PCM5142, the Olive One delivers 32-bit/384kHz sound, as well as a dynamic range of 112dB and 8x oversampling. It also features a dual HD amplifier.

While audio quality is key to the Olive One, the community is what lies at the heart of the device.

The company’s vision is a device created, shaped and powered by a community of music lovers.

It believes the Olive One is the ideal device to deliver a great music experience, at an affordable price point.

To help it reach that goal, Olive One supports a wide range of music formats, as well as a whole variety of online music streaming services.

Whether the user wants to push through MP3s, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, iTunes tracks or songs from Spotify – it’s all available on the Olive One.

Installers will even be able to link multiple players together for a complete whole-home system.

So what sets the Olive One apart from other systems? Well it all comes back to that community – as the device can actually be completely customised to fit any installation.

If the user wants a beige colour scheme, then that can be requested – all speakers are made to order and available in any colour or pattern required.

The only thing needed to get the system to work are external speakers, which are accommodated by a variety of inputs; including a USB connector, as well as an analogue and digital out.

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