Panasonic is further embracing the plug and play sector with its partnership with Allianz Worldwide Partners, offering an integrated solution designed to protect people’s homes and prevent further damage from break-ins, glass/window breakage and water leaks.

Presently only available in Germany, the Panasonic Smart Home and Allianz Assist service connects Panasonic’s Smart Home monitoring and control system with home protection services, provided by Allianz Global Assistance, the assistance subsidiary of Allianz Worldwide Partners.

The Panasonic Smart Home system comprises a set of intelligent devices that includes window/door, water leak and glass break sensors as well as an indoor siren.

These are connected via the Ultra Low Energy (ULE) standard to a central hub located in the home or property. The hub is securely linked to the Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) 24/7 customer hotline.

Two starter kits are available:

• Starter Kit 1 is available for an initial cost of €19.90, followed by a monthly cost of €9.90 for 24 months. The kit consists of one central hub, one window/door sensor, one motion sensor and one indoor siren.

• Starter Kit 2 is available for an initial cost of €49.90, followed by a monthly cost of €9.90 for 24 months. The more expensive kit comprises one central hub, one window/door sensor, one indoor siren, one glass break sensor and one water leak sensor.

In fact, a total of 50 compatible devices can be registered to the hub, including smart plugs and a range of sensors, while keypads and cameras will be added to this in the near future.

Both Starter Kits also include a locksmith service and other associated craftsman fees and interim repair costs, covering up to €500 per incident and a total of €1,500 annually.

How does it work?

In the event of an incident, such as motion detection, glass breakage or water leakage, the Panasonic Smart Home system sends a sensor alert to the customer’s smartphone or tablet via an App while activating the indoor siren, notifying the Allianz Global Assistance service centre.

The service centre then informs the designated contact person and manages the necessary actions to limit the damage in the customer‘s home, for example by sending a craftsman to the property to replace a broken window or repair a leaking pipe or alerting Allianz’s security service in the event of a burglary alarm.

“Panasonic Europe’s growth strategy aims to enhance our innovative product offering with a broad range of connected hardware, software and services,” comments Laurent Abadie, chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe.

“Our collaboration with Allianz Worldwide Partners complements this strategy, cementing Panasonic’s commitment to the smart home market. Starting in Germany, our full-service offering provides consumers with the peace of mind they need while they’re away, knowing their home is safe and well-looked after.” 

“Digital technologies and connected devices are not only changing the way people interact with their belongings, but also how they think about managing the security of their homes,” adds Jacques Richier, chairman and CEO, Allianz Worldwide Partners.

“For insurance and service providers like Allianz Worldwide Partners, this development opens new opportunities to help and assist our customers. By combining our assistance service with Panasonic’s connected home devices expertise we will be able to offer our customers a one-stop-shop integrated solution to protect and monitor their home.”

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