Chowmain says that Control4 dealers have been asking for TV show, Youtube and other content on their touch screen and user interface devices for some time.

That request has now been met as Chowmain is excited to announce that it is the first to implement full meta data browsing and searching of various content like TV shows, movies, photos, Youtube, VEVO, Music and more via its Kodi Full driver for Control4.

On top of being able to browse and search video content on a Control4 device, installers can also also program the system to automatically turn the room on upon detection of airplay or UPnP audio/video playback, turn the room off upon screensaver detection (in case the user falls asleep in from on the TV) or automatically setup screen masking and projection modes on video aspect ratio detection.

“At CEDIA Expo 2014 Control4 announced a new Sonos driver which changed the way dealers installed music with Control4. This driver will do just that for media players,” says Alan Chow, co-founder of Chowmain.

The driver will be showcased for the first time live at the Integrate Expo in Melbourne on the Control4 stand using Videostorm Hardware.

It will be available to dealers to purchase on August 31 through

Check out the video below

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