British speaker manufacturer, Bowers & Wilkins has announced three new architectural loudspeakers that address a range of installation scenarios for dealers.

The CCM Cinema 7 is a downward firing, in-ceiling left, centre and right loudspeaker within a home theatre system and B&W points out the speaker incorporates a 7in bass/mid range Kevlar woofer and a 1in Nautilus swirl-loaded aluminium-dome tweeter.

The audio company notes that it set the driver angle to direct sound towards the seating area to ensure homeowners enjoy the best possible sound from the CCM Cinema 7.

B&W’s latest in-wall product is the CWM Cinema 7 loudspeaker, developed to serve as a left, centre, right speaker home theatre speaker.

The product has been specifically developed to install beside, above or below a screen without sacrificing sound quality.

Aesthetically the CWM Cinema 7 features B&W’s narrow bezel design, along with magnetically attached metal grilles that can be painted to match a room’s appearance.

B&W adds that the speakers also feature its QuickDogs fixing hardware that rotate and clip into place without the aid of tools.

Designed to balance looks, performance and cost, the CCM632 in-ceiling loudspeaker provides dealers with a speaker that integrates into a variety of room environments.

The speaker features a 3/4in driver that is engineered as part of a two-way system that B&W says avoids the problems commonly associated with in-ceiling speakers, such as the lack of low frequency reproduction and colorations due from the placement of a tweeter in front of a midrange or bass driver. 

B&W ships the CCM632 in stereo pairs and the speaker comes with round and square magnetic grille assemblies.

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