Leviton has announced the launch of the EN50131 and PD6662 compliant Omni product family, comprised of EU versions of the OmniPro II, Omni IIe and Omni LTe controllers in both English and Italian language versions, along with a new Tamper Kit for Omni security consoles.

The Omni product family provides security and automation for homes and small commercial settings, connecting security devices, thermostats, light switches, telephone and backup battery with five built-in ports to connect additional control devices. 

The Omni solution is a globally-utilised residential/light commercial focused system bridging many protocols, including hard-wired and wireless, to include hundreds of connected devices in various applications. 

Omni controllers are EN50131 Grade 2 and PD6662 compliant for security and intrusion, coordinating security, energy and entertainment functionality.

The EN50131 versions include special features not found in the standard Omni control systems, such as controller enclosures that include required tamper switches, ensuring the door remains closed and that the enclosure remains installed against a solid surface.

Additionally, the ENTMP- 9EU is now used with existing Omni security consoles as a tamper indicator.

Additional special features in the EN50131 versions include:

• Double end of line resistors for tamper detection

• New arming/ disarming methods

• Shunt lock incorporation

• Confirmed alarms for police response

• Temporary lockout when entering an invalid code

• Enhanced event log

• User authorised firmware updates

• Entry/exit follower

• Adjustment to security code usage and visibility

“Leviton has a strong commitment to the international marketplace, and this significant new compliance furthers this commitment by meeting the security needs of the European marketplace,” says Bruno Filio, vice president of international business development, corporate sales.

“The Omni systems are revered for their advanced connectivity and proven reliability, and the launch of the EN50131 and PD6662 compliant product family, now also provides compliance for all tiers of the integrated Omni automation and security systems.”

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